• Extension is now compatible with Jupyterlab 3.0


  • Bug fixes with moving shadow/line


  • Backspace keyboard shortcut working
  • Fixes small bug with data types not updating on an undo/redo that changes the type
  • Save dialog bug fix
  • Created a selectCell method in the PaintedGrid
  • Draw icon refactor
  • Removed serializer and old model files


  • Datagrid styling changes
  • Adjusts the position and style of the icons


  • Fixed the move line not accounting for scroll
  • Package updated from @tde-csvviewer to @jupyterlab/csvviewer + Launcher handled in a way that we don’t need to change _computeRowOffsets
  • Fixed right-click column header results in move shadow


  • Added new files to the demo folder
  • Ghost row/columns bug fixes
  • Refactor data detection to format data


  • Can now edit headers after scrolling
  • Hover feature for ghost row and column
  • Clearing rows and columns bug fix
  • Pointer cursor for ghost row/column
  • Modified icon painting setup to work with absolute positioning rather than relative positioning
  • Adding data detection icons
  • Styling for data detection icons
  • Replace all bug fix
  • Makes the text “Column 1” appear on the column header when launching a csv file


  • Cell data types for the body region
  • Multi insert/remove for rows/columns
  • WCAG AAA approved search match colors
  • Ghost row and column feature added
  • Fix the header displaying the wrong value on edit
  • Serialization fix for data sets larger than 500 rows
  • Inserting/removing column bug fixes
  • Fixed console error when searching for a match


  • Shadow/line fixes when moving + handler.ts refactoring
  • Create a new csv file from launcher
  • Reduced column header and row height
  • Edit Headers
  • Save keybinding


  • Selection UX for Undo/Redo
  • Right-click selection fixes
  • Litestore refactor


  • Multiple context menus
  • Clear contents (rows, columns, selections)


  • Copy, cut, and paste
  • Undo and redo
  • Implemented Litestore
  • Move columns and rows
  • Theme manager (light/dark)
  • Search and replace
  • Command Toolbar
  • Binder link setup


  • Editable cells
  • Alphabetic column header
  • Save CSV file
  • Delete rows and columns
  • Add rows and columns