Codebase Orientation

This codebase was adapted from JupyterLab’s csvviewer and csvviewer-extension packages.


The repository contains a number of top-level directories, the contents of which are described here.

Source Code: src/

This contains the primary TypeScript files for this extension, which are compiled to JavaScript.

Binder setup: binder/

This contains an environment specification for repo2docker which allows the repository to be tested on

Demo: demo/

The demo/ directory contains sample csv files and Jupyter notebooks that highlight some features of this extension.

Design: design/

A directory containing a series of design documents and prototypes motivating various choices made in the course of building the Tabular Data Editor.

Documentation: docs/

This directory contains the Sphinx project for this documentation. You can create an environment to build the documentation using conda create -f environment.yml, and you can build the documentation by running make html. The entry point to the built docs will then be in docs/build/index.html.

Styling: style/

This directory contains the icon assets and css styles for this extension.

Testing: test/

Tests for the TypeScript files in the src/ directory. These test files pull in the TypeScript sources and exercise their APIs.

Run jlpm test from the root directory to run all tests for this extension

Test Utilities: testutils/

A small npm package which is aids in running the tests in tests/.